ラッシュ Lush Bar

For more than 6 years, Lush has been at the cutting edge of Saigon nightlife. Its modern architecture, fresh music selection and western management make it unique in Vietnam.

Lush's interior design is unlike anything else in the city, with 3 distinct areas catering to different needs. Its elegant and modern front garden is a quiet area to dine and relax with friends. The back garden hosts a bustling bar where trendy Vietnamese and foreigners mingle late into the night. Meanwhile, the main attraction is Lush's buzzing interior, where stylish graphics, comfortable lounge seating and an exciting bar area make for a vibrant atmosphere 7 nights a week.

One of the main focuses of the Lush experience is of course the music. Lush has long been a trend-setter in Saigon, bringing fantastic new tunes every day and introducing new styles to the local club scene. The music team play the very latest sounds from hip hop and house over a fantastic sound system, ensuring that every night is a party night.

Lush's design is also ground breaking. With an exciting motif inspired by graphic novels and manga, Lush is full of jaw-dropping graphics that contribute to its electrifying atmosphere. The New York Times calls Lush, "A New York ready, anime-themed club", while the Wall Street Journal writes, "And if you aren't ready to call it a night yet, head for the hottest club in town, Lush... An eclectic mix of locals, foreigners, aided by electro and hip hop sounds from the DJ Crew."

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