Hoa Tuc


アヘン工場跡にある雰囲気のいいベトナム料理店「Hoa Tuc」|グッチのサイゴンせいかつ(2014/6/29)

The beauty of Hoa Tuc (which translates as “Opium Poppy”) is both in its concept and its execution. Contemporary Vietnamese cuisine is offered in a beautiful, unusual setting that takes its inspiration from Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and the site’s original purpose.

The overhang at the entrance is made of cast iron and frosted glass – inspired by the Metropolitan metro entrances in vogue in Paris in the early 1900s. The front terrace is a bustling place, where diners can enjoy the business set lunch (three courses, weekdays only) and observe the action in the courtyard.
Walk around to the side, and you’ll find a long lush patio with plush benches dotted with luxurious silk covered cushions, where Saigon Cooking Class Chefs offer interesting and funny Vietnamese cooking class.

Our menu focuses on Vietnamese food for the more modern palate, with unusual touches that make it especially interesting. No MSG, of course, is used, and most meat dishes can be made in either seafood or vegetarian versions.

The wine list, concocted by a renowned sommelier, is the first of its kind in Vietnam and great care was taken to select each and every wine for its ability to work well with the bright, vibrant flavours of Vietnamese cuisine.
Overall possibly the most exciting Vietnamese option in Ho Chi Minh City.

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